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LebanonPostcard presents the bestselling book ''Georges Rayess Art of Lebanese Cooking''. The book has been translated from the famous Arabic version by Najla Showker. 24.5 x 18 cm - 276 pages - 464 recipes!! An encyclopedia of Lebanese cooking recipes.

Table of contents:

Special hints and information about cooking
General directions
Charts of conversion equivalents
Oven temperature guide
Recipes basic to Lebanese cooking

Chapter 1 - Basic recipes (No. 1 till 10)
Chapter 2 - Soups (No. 11 till 30)
Chapter 3 - Hors-d'oeuvres (al moukabbalat) (No. 31 till 67)
Chapter IV - Pastries (al mouajjanat) (No. 68 till 82)
Chapter V - Eggs (No. 83 till 104)
Chapter VI - Fish (No. 105 till 137)
Chapter VII - Rice (No. 138 till 169)
Chapter VIII - Varieties of Meat Kibbi (No. 170 till 182)
Chapter IX - Dry vegetables (No. 183 till 201)
Chapter X - Vegetables (No. 202 till 274)
Chapter XI - Fowl (No. 275 till 304)
Chapter XII - Game and Rabbit (No. 305 till 309)
Chapter XIII - Meat (No. 310 till 373)
Chapter XIV - Miscellaneous dishes (No. 374 till 385)
Chapter XV - Sweets and desserts (No. 386 till 420)
Chapter XVI - Jams and preserves (No. 421 till 442)
Chapter XVII - Ice cream (No. 443 till 452)
Chapter XVIII - Coffee and other stimulants (No. 453 till 464)

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Acknowledgements - The recipes photographed were prepared by the kind courtesy of the following restaurants: Drugstore Fares, Al Halabi, Al Sultan Ibrahim, Doueit Pastry - The photos were taken by Studio Bianco Nero; Ph: Maya Kanakry - Librairie du Liban Riad Solh Square Beirut - First Edition: 1966, Second Edition: 1991, New imp. 2001. Printed in Lebanon.

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