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During a visit to Byblos city, Sana Kanaan, “jewelry designer for Sana Collection”, was inspired to create a jewelry collection of “Phoenician Alphabet” made from silver 925 and composed of 22 letters as of: Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Ring, and Cuff links.

The designer created her jewelry collection through a concept by keeping the authenticity of the historical letters while adding a touch of art including the anchor of a boat as necklace’s clasp, knowing that Phoenicians were sailors.

In addition to the jewelry itself, Sana Collection, created a unique and useful packaging which has the shape of a boat and once you remove the jewelry, you can easily open it to get in your hand the map of Lebanon.

Order a necklace and email us the Phoenician Alphabet Letter you choose:

Necklace’s details:
Length of pendant: 2 cm
Width of pendant: 1.7 cm
Thickness of pendant: 1 mm
Thread’s length: 47 cm


To order 1 silver necklace:

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