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Lebanese cuisine has evolved from a background of Arab culture in a country which has been the trading link between East and West for thousands of years. It is a country which produces ample good, natural food and where people enjoy practicing the grace of Arab hospitality. This hospitality requires an abundant table to be set at all times and necessitates a variety of food always being on hand to offer the unexpected guest.

Lebanese cuisine will delight the gourmet, for it is produced by a people who love good food, and satisfy the health enthusiast, because much use is made of grain, cheese, yoghurt, and fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. Even the vegetarian can find many tasty dishes within its scope - meat-free (vegetarian) recipes are marked with the symbol V for easy identification, and those that are both meat-free and dairy-free (Lenten) also carry the symbol L.

All Lebanese recipes are extremely economical. With imaginative use of herbs, spices, grain and vegetables, meat goes a long way and even the simplest ingredients produce a tasty meal.

Lebanese cooking bas been enjoyed for many years by travelers visiting the country, but only recently have Lebanese restaurants been established in any great number in Western countries. This food is now becoming very popular and a curiosity bas been aroused about its origin.

To satisfy this curiosity we have included a little of the country's background and a description of the customs and manner of eating. We hope that his will help you to enjoy a truly Lebanese meal.

The recipes in this book have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. We invite you to try them and wish you Suhtain, which means "Enjoy this food in good health".

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